Microsoft To-Do Is No Wunderlist Replacement Without Automation

Yesterday Microsoft introduced the World to its new To-Do application, which it says will replace the Wunderlist app it acquired two years ago. 

At first glance To-Do seems like a pretty good looking product and it has certainly inherited the feel of Wunderlist. It has a reasonably complete feature list too.

What it doesn't have though, is any form of automation support. Wunderlist supports Microsoft's own Flow tool, whilst also allowing tasks to be created via email, giving it de facto IFTTT support. Neither of these items had made it into To-Do yet. 

Not to say that To -Do is a bad product, but the ability to automate task creation is one of my top reasons for using Wunderlist over other task managers. 

Microsoft will need to make this a priority for the next release of it wants me to upgrade. 


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