Microsoft Commits To Twice Yearly Windows 10 Updates, Enterprise Wins As A Result

Having released Windows 10 Creators Update last week, Microsoft has now committed to a roadmap for future releases.

Most imminently Redstone 3 (AKA Continuum Release) will arrive in September, with twice yearly updates to arrive every Spring and Autumn thereafter.

That's an aggressive update schedule and confirms Microsoft's commitment to keeping Windows 10 fresh and competitive.

It's a schedule which is being pushed on the basis that it supports enterprise refresh programs, however Microsoft still has a piece of work to complete getting enterprise customers to commit to Windows 10. Many are just a couple of years out from a major piece of work to get Windows 7 deployed as a replacement for XP.

The key message behind the new commitment to regular updates does seem to be aimed at enterprise customers though. The message being that once Windows 10 is deployed into an organisation it will never have to go through the pain of a platform upgrade ever again.

That's an attractive promise of jam tomorrow that will resonate with CIOs around the world. Most of whom would gladly swap twice weekly, technology led Windows 10 refreshes for the pain of having to deliver business programs to validate all enterprise applications against new platforms twice a decade.


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