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Lack Of Lumia 930 / 1520 Upgrades Is The Final Insult From Microsoft To Customers

When Microsoft announced it would only be supporting Windows 10 Mobile Creators Update on a very limited set of devices - just thirteen in fact - there was a very limited uproar. Perhaps this was because of the number of users who have already said farewell to the platform or because those that remain have given up and are just awaiting the final coup de grace.

In any case, the announcement received a lot less attention than it should have done, because Microsoft canned every Windows Phone outside of its two year support commitment, irrespective of the phone’s ability to run the Creators Update.

Thus high end devices like the Lumia 1520 and 930 won’t see this or any other official updates, despite having higher specifications and being more capable than devices that are getting the upgrade.

Similarly Lumia 735 and 830 users won’t see the update despite having effectively the same phone and specifications as Lumia 640 and 640 XL users who will.

Why is this so important for Windows Mobile users? It’s because it tells us that the effort required in making Windows 10 Mobile run on these devices, fixing bugs and optimising the platform is too much effort for Microsoft.

In short, Microsoft really can’t be bothered. It has moved on.

So whilst owners of the iPhone 5, launched two years before the Lumia 930, enjoy the benefits of the latest version of iOS, those customers who come Microsoft get left behind.

In the past Microsofthas been able to justify leaving older handsets behind because of specifications or requirement changes then. That doesn't apply here.

If you still needed a reason to avoid any future involvement with Windows on smartphones then surely this is it.