Juicero Quick To Respond To Bloomberg Report - Refunds For All

As I mentioned yesterday in my post about the wild world of Silicon Valley venture capitalists, the heavily funded and almost completely pointless jucing system Juicero, is the latest in a line of big bang startups to have their pants pulled down to exposed their bare-faced cheek(s).

Juicero has been quick to respond - CEO Jeff Dunn promising any Juicero customer can return their unit for a full refund. It's an offer you should grab with both hands if you were one of those fooled by the emporer's new clothes.

After having its nonsense about squeezing goodness from fruit pulp well and truly torn apart, Juicero is left with just one selling point: its ability to remind you to drink fruit juice.

The truth is  you're much better off buying good quality, pre-packaged fruit juice or a $100 blender and fresh fruit; than dropping $400 for a Juicero and paying for its overpriced fruit pulp packs.


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