It's All Going Off In The Windows Phone Community

Did Microsoft just consign Windows 10 Mobile to the scrapheap or does it still see a future for the platform? 

Evidence piling up includes the removal of the RS3 update on Mobile, RS2 being pushed to a 'feature pack' release. Both suggest that this is the end of the road for Windows 10 Mobile. Maybe.

Then there came the news that Microsoft has killed the Windows Upgrade Advisor, killing the upgrade path for Windows Phone 8.1 users.

Plus we also know that Microsoft has reduced the scope of the Creators Update to just thirteen phones. That's not thirteen actual phones by the way, but thirteen models of Windows phone. Leaving the bulk of Windows Mobile user who weren't left behind by the Windows 10 release, left behind.

Added together it paints a picture of a company doing everything possible to kill its platform, whilst royally shafting its few loyal customers.

This has had an interesting effect on the previously close-knit Windows Mobile community, with sites, bloggers and commenters split between eternal optimists and realists. Which is going as well as any community breakdown on the internet ever goes. Unsurprisingly.


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