Is Microsoft About To Kill Windows 10 Mobile For Even More Lumias

Microsoft has been going out of its way to kill its mobile business ever since Windows 10 arrived. First it limited the number of devices which would receive the update, then it killed its hardware business and orphaned its users.

Now, according to Mary-Jo Foley on ZDNet, it will limit the Windows 10 Mobile Creators Update to just eleven handsets. Of those seven are oddball, niche or Japan-specific devices. Of the Lumia devices that make up the vast majority of Windows phones there will be just four receiving the latest platform upgrade: 640/XL, 550, 650 and 950/XL.

There seems to be no logical reason why handsets like the 735, 930 and 1520 won't get the upgrade. In fact the only differentiating factor between the two groups of devices seems to be the presence of a Microsoft logo on one and a Nokia one on the other.

The suggestion being that this is Microsoft indulging in some planned obsolescence. At the expense of loyal customers.

Pretty sure they won't be loyal after this. 100% sure they won't be customers.

If it turns out Foley is right (and given her Microsoft contacts it seems very likely indeed) then this is a dick move from Microsoft. One of many it has made in the nearly two years since Windows 10 arrived. 

If Microsoft has a Surface Phone in the works it may as well kill the product now. By the time its ready for launch every Windows phone fan will have been sufficiently affronted by Microsoft's behaviour to ensure it stays firmly on the shelves.


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