HP's Elite x3 All But Worthless Compared To Samsung S8, DeX

When Microsoft and HP unveiled the Elite x3 it was a product witha razor-like focus on enterprise. Here was Microsoft's admission of defeat in the consumer space, but also a defiant offering for enterprise customers: the best enterprise experience was still to be found on a Windows phone.

That offering was very much based on the utility of Windows 10 Mobile's Continuum capability. Your phone could be your desktop or your laptop.

Which sounds great for enterprise customers until you discover just how limited Continumm is. HP acknowledged this with its very expensive app virtualisation offering, which promised to address application shortcomings. 

The arrival of the Galaxy S8 and DeX dock destroys the Elite x3's credibility in the enterprise space. Not only does Android make it a more usable phone, but Samsung's DeX environment is significantly more flexible than Continuum, runs Office apps full screen and supports true enterprise virtualisation solutions like Citrix without any additional service fees.

Right now Microsoft has heavy discounts in place for the Elite x3 - $599 including the desktop dock. In comparison the S8 runs to $720 with an estimated $150 extra for the DeX dock.

Even then the cost / benefit balance swings heavily in Samsung's favour.

Should Google ever cotton on to the power of such a solution and build it into Android by default it would have major repercussions for PC manufacturers and for Microsoft itself.

For now Samsung finds itself ahead of the pack with a one box enterprise solution which beats out any other offering. HP's only advantage is the availability of the LapDock. If Samsung produces a similar option the Elite x3 will have nothing to offer but a low price.

Whilst Microsoft may see this as part of the wind down of Windows Mobile, it also suggests a further problem for  Windows 10 desktop. 


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