Google Home's Missing Trusted Voice Feature Trolled By Burger King

Unlike Android phones, Google Home doesn't pack a trusted voice feature. Burger King used this weakness to troll users with a TV ad. The ad triggered Google Home as it ended with the phrase "Ok Google, what is a Whopper?"

Once Google Home had been triggered it responded with details from the Whopper Wikipedia page, which had been edited by Burger King staff to provide an advertisement-friendly answer.

Google updated its Home service to ignore the Burger King trigger phrase. Still, Google's sloppiness in implementing security for Home has been exposed. 

At least Burger King's ad was just annoying, the consequences of someone attempting to be malicious could have been embarrassing, to say the least.

Well do me to Burger King's ad team, for being the first out the door with this hack. Google needs to do better. 


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