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F1: Sauber And Honda Together In 2018

Honda and Sauber have announced a new partnership which will put the Japanese engines in the back of the Swiss team's cars from the start of next season. That's great news for Honda, who must be desperate for a second partner to deflect some of the criticism which McLaren sends their way.

According to the British team the Honda engine is the least powerful on the grid. It's definitely the least reliable.

For Sauber it's an interesting decision, presumably made on the basis that Honda will be offering a better deal on price than Ferrari. There's even the possibility that money may be heading into the team as a result. A good indication of this being the case will come when Sauber announces its driver lineup for next year. I'm guessing at least one Honda selected driver gets a race seat.

The new partnership says something about the strength of the Honda - McLaren relationship too. If Honda were confident in McLaren it would be more likely to focus efforts on developing their engine and improving reliability within the single installation. Perhaps this is the first verifiable sign of a crack in the illustrious partnership, which ends with McLaren pulling the plug.

In that case Honda would have to have a backup in place to avoid being unceremoniously dumped out of the sport.