Dumb Kodak Pitch Has Serious Message Underlying Scaremongering Tactics

This 'hilarious' stunt pulled by Kodak to promote its Moments app, pretends to wipe user phones and cloud storage on the pretext of showing how important it is to print your photos.

It's a piece of nonsense. The likelihood of an app or bug being able to wipe your local and cloud storage is so slim as to be immeasurable.

However it does highlight that some smartphone users may not be taking sensible steps to back up photos and documents on their devices.

If you don't already have them install Google Photos and Microsoft Onedrive on your smartphone and set them to backup all your files to the cloud. Do not rely on iCloud. If you're risk averse you might want to consider backing them up to a PC regularly too. This is especially important for your photos, which often contain moments that can't be recreated. Cloud backups are seamless. A local backup to your PC takes a couple of minutes. Do it. Now.

Printing photos en masse however, is senseless, environmentally unfriendly and expensive. Important photos are worth printing, Everything else is fine in the cloud.

Kodak's attempt at scaremongering is in bad taste and deserving of widespread condemnation.


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