Does Apple Have A Touch ID Problem For Its Big Screen iPhone?

There are still conflicting stories about how many new iPhones will arrive this year, what they'll be called and what they'll look like. One story persists though, which says that Apple will succeed in engineering a Touch ID sensor into its screen, something that Samsung failed to do with the S8.

However, we are also hearing stories of iPhone prototypes with rear mounted sensors and no Touch ID at all.

How do we make sense of all this?

Well first of all I really can't see Apple ditching the fingerprint sensor, it's a key part of the iPhone and Apple Pay experience. So if it can't be made to work behind the screen - and work reliably, at least to the same standard as the current solution - I'm sure that Apple will drop the idea, at least temporarily.

I'm not sure that switching to a rear mounted sensor works either. It seems a clumsier solution that lacks Apple's trademark elegance.

There is a third option though. The latest case and dummy 'leaks' suggest a larger power button on the side of the new device. One that looks suspiciously close to Sony's Xperia implementation. Which packs a fingerprint sensor (outside of the US). It's a better compromise than the rear sensor and it would leverage a strong relationship with Sony, which already provided other components for Apple.

It's a solution that works on the desk and in the hand, allows one handed power on and unlock; and doesn't encourage users to smear their cameras with finger oils.

At the very least I'd expect Apple to have considered this option on some prototypes, just in case it can't deliver on Plan A.



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