Displaymate Tests Galaxy S8, Ranks It Number One

There's a fairly standard thing that happens twice a year, when Samsung launches a new flagship device. DisplayMate, that most scientific of display reviewers, puts the new device's screen under the microscope and declares it the best ever.

There's a good reason for this of course. Each time Samsung lets a new Galaxy S or Note out into the world it manages to improve on what has gone before.

This year the Galaxy S8 manages to not only keep that record intact, but also to deliver a sizeable leap ahead of the Note 7 screen, the previous display king.

Which makes Samsung's decision to supply Apple with its latest and greatest screen technology even more perplexing. We are not talking about Sony here, which seems to build handsets only to showcase its advances in camera performance and quality to other OEMs. This is Samsung, Apple's number one rival and direct competitor for the smart phone market top slot.

Selling the crown jewels in order to feed on the s craps from Apple's table just feels wrong, however Samsung pitches it.

It would seem that Samsung might do better business on smartphone screens than it does selling the whole phone. Given rumours of Apple ordering upwards of 75 million screens for its next gen iPhone, Samsung has taken the money and run.

When the next iPhone launches later this year expect to see it at the top of Display Mate's display league tables Not to mention topping the sales charts.


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