Did Synaptics Delays Force A Late Galaxy S8 Redesign

Two stories have leaked over the last two days which seem significant and clearly linked. Firstly we are seeing prototypes of the Galaxy S8 featuring a dual camera setup and no rear mounted fingerprint sensor. Secondly we're hearing that Samsung made significant investment in Synaptics behind the screen fingerprint reader over the last twelve months.

Logic would suggest that the failure to get the fingerprint reader working reliably and in volume meant Samsung had to rearrange the back of its new phone to accommodate a fingerprint sensor instead of a second camera setup.

That would certainly explain the awkward positioning of the sensor.

Given the Iris sensor on the S8, which we know works quickly and reliably from our (all too brief) experience of it on the Galaxy Note 7, I wonder why Samsung didn't take the opportunity to ditch the fingerprint sensor completely?

In all likelihood we'll see the new Synaptics behind the screen fingerprint sensor on the Note 8 when it arrives sometime later this year. The question is, will Samsung rush the Note 8 to market to beat the iPhone 8, which is strongly rumoured to feature a similar technology to allow it to also ditch the home button?

Given the consequences of rushing the Note 7 to market one would sincerely hope not.


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