Crazy Japanese Windows Phone Cult Still Operating

With Windows for phones dying on its backside all across the world, with sales down as a result of Microsoft's apparent decision to bail on its Mobile platform and with handsets difficult to even find there's one place where Windows Mobile has suddenly, inexplicably, taken off.

Japan has seen close to zero Windows Phone or Windows Mobile sales since forever. Yet in a piece of heavy irony, it's suddenly the fastest growing platform in the Land of the Rising Sun.

Sales have nearly trebled year on year, with the three months ending in February seeing Microsoft's platform hit 1.5% of sales.

For an OS which had previously struggled to register 0.1% market share that's amazing.

I can only assume users are channelling some form of retro Mobile fashion, which goes beyond just picking up an old Nokia handset. Maybe Continuum has some crazy advantages in a country obsessed with small and efficient.

Most likely (but even then a little far fetched) is that Vaio's Phone Biz Windows Mobile Phablet is benefitting from being the home player and racking up tremendous sales.

Whatever the truth, it's of little consequence to the market at large. Globally Windows Mobile has tanked and it's unlikely to ever recover.


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