Apple Will Fix The Mac Pro - Next Year

Apple picked a handful of its most friendly bloggers to meet the big guns yesterday, having them with the news of a speed bump for Mac Pro's, an all new Mac Pro lineup next year, and updated iMacs and Apple monitor ranges.

Why did the ever so famously 'tight lipped on new products' company feel the need to do this? Probably because a regular announcement would have had them drowned in derision.

It's clear evidence that Apple really did forget about its desktop using Pro's for the two years.

Phil Schiller, Craig Ferderighi and John Ternus spoke about the reasons behind the updates to the Mac Pro and its replacement.

That amounted to an admission that sounded like 'we thought we could rely on our Pro community to buy any old crap, based on their strong loyalty. Turns out they won't and we've had to hustle together a backup plan that we're trying to frame as a good thing by using our favorite cheerleading team'.

Apple backed themselves into a corner by designing the Mac Pro from the outside in, making it difficult to upgrade. That it will take until next year to replace it (five years after it arrived on the market, no less) shows exactly how much notice Apple has been taking of its small, but vocal, professional community.

These guys have been telling Apple the Mac Pro isn't for them almost since day one.

The right thing to announce yesterday would have been the new Mac Pro lineup, instead, by telling users that the new machines are a year away Apple basically admitted to doing nothing about its problem until the last few months.

Writing on his blog one of the cheerleaders suggested "You’re committed to your pro users, but a sizable chunk of them are growing ever more restless. They suspect — in some cases strongly — that you don’t care about them anymore".

Yesterday's news shows that they were absolutely right.



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