APFS: Is This The Canary For A New iPad Direction

New versions of Mac OS, iOS and Watch OS arrived from Apple this week and aside from some minor tweaks it centred around one key area: upgrading and standardising the file system used across all Apple devices.

The new solution, APFS, is a key part of a future Apple strategy which prioritises iOS over Mac OS, and in particular the iPad over MacBooks.

Apple probably felt it needed to upgrade HFS+ on the Mac, it is almost twenty years old after all. The version used in iOS is a significant variation of the desktop product.

Bringing the various platforms together on one file system seems like the first step on the road which ends in convergence. A Mac OS / iOS hybrid for example, along the lines of Windows 8, would be able to utilise the common file system to access the same files, storage and structures whichever platform was in control.

Previously the difference in the way that iOS and Mac OS managed disk encryption would have made that impossible.

It seems a very small indication of change coming from Apple. However it does feel this is the first hint of Apple looking to a new strategy for a desktop platform of the future. 


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