Windows 10 Update Will Ignore Metered Connection Setting

Windows 10's update tool isn't it's most popular feature - by some measure - even though it has gone a long way to making Windows a stable and secure platform. 

With the incoming Creators Update Microsoft is going to hand its critics a big stick to beat it with and at the same time create a lot of negative noise, damaging some of the brand credibility it has managed to restore in recent years. 

How is it going to do this? By making Windows Update ignore your metered connection settings and continue with some downloads which it determines you must have at any cost. 

The prospect of these downloads eating through your data allowance are probably quite slim and one hopes that Microsoft would apply some common sense to the downloads it forces through on these connections. 

Nevertheless there is a risk that by delivering these updates on a pay-to-use connection Microsoft ends up costing users significant data fees with their service providers. 

It's a risk that Microsoft doesn't need to take and something which will undoubtedly demand another round of damage limitation. 

Not what Microsoft's potential customers need to hear at a time when the talk has been about the good job the company is doing in leading the design revolution. 

Hopefully common sense will prevail and, at the very least, Microsoft will allow users to make an informed decision about the relative merits of an up to date system or an intact data allowance. 


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