Who Still Has The Ability To Build A Smartphone Which Makes Your Wallet Twitch?

Funny thing about the modern smartphone market. Ten years on and we've reached a level of maturity which has removed the excitement for those of us old PDA hands who have been leaping from platform to platform since Psion first launched its Organizer back in the eighties.

Smartphones have become dull, with each new version offering a slight iteration over the outgoing model. Whilst OEMs crow about amazing new features, once they arrive in the customer's hands they turn out to be mostly underwhelming.

Apple has now released what is basically the same phone three years on the bounce. Yes the camera has changed and it performs a little better but the difference between an iPhone 6 and 7 is minor in actuality. With a case on nobody knows whether you've got a brand new iPhone or a rattly old one. I imagine that accounts for a large proportion of lost iPhone sales in China for example.

The same is true of Samsung, Huawei or HTC.

So who really manages to get your nerd juices flowing? LG, with their scattergun approach to random features for the sake of features? Motorola with some rather more targeted left field options? Microsoft's Continuum is probably the most biggest thing to happen to smartphones in a while, but even then its usefulness is in question, even on the enterprise-focused, cleverly accessorised HP Elite x3.

I fancy that Apple will have something new and exciting for its fans when it launches its new iPhone later in the year. But even then it will likely be as a result of implementing features others have had for years. Much like the iPhone 6 'invented' big screens. 

Since the arrival of Windows 10, we're seeing rather more innovation in the PC market than the smartphone market - a complete and utter reversal of historical positions.


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