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What The Heck Is PSA Doing With Its Citroen And DS Brands?

Yesterday PSA announced the new DS7, a SUV which pointedly does not carry Citroen branding as the company pushes to drive the new sub-brand upmarket. This follows on from the announcement of a new, separate dealer network to try and elevate the brand's image amongst potential customers.

Its a move that seems doomed to fail, not least because Citroen itself has a huge amount of history that would naturally support the move of its cars into the premium sector. I just can't see the reasoning behind this whole DS charade.

The DS brand is a reference to the Citroen DS of 1955. The 'Goddess' was a car so far ahead of its time it looked like it had dropped in from the future. Look at the styling, even today it doesn't look out of place. Compared to other cars from the 50s? Well, there is no comparison.

Citroen cars have always packed brains as well as beauty, the CX with its true magic carpet ride and the Xantia's semi-active and true Active suspension being some of the highlights.

Citroen has been a car maker that ploughed a different path from the Germans - comfort and individualism over monotonous conformity. Quintessentially French values overlaid with a healthy dose of French style.

PSA should be celebrating the brand, rather than just pushing out lightly tweaked versions of some very dull Peugeot designs. DS as a marque has no place in the world, because everything PSA seeks it to be is already a core value of Citroen.