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What Does Apple's Workflow Purchase Mean For IFTTT

Apple has purchased iOS automation software Workflow for an undisclosed price, bringing the company under its own development team and removing the entry barrier to use by making the app free.

Integration of the app into iOS is sure to follow, as will wider adoption by third parties who previously held back from signing over access to the Web interfaces.

This is good news for everyone, except perhaps IFTTT. With a limited ability to monetise it's application a big buyout was probably the only way the service's founders and investors could have exited gracefully.

With more than half its user base likely to switch teams to Workflow over the next eighteen months that becomes less likely.

For the moment Workflow's iOS focus means IFTTT users have some additional capability, but I'm guessing Apple will erode that by the time it comes to give automation the big push into the public eye, possibly as early as WWDC next year.