The Crazy Japanese Cult Of Windows Mobile

Kantar Worldpanel released its latest figures for smartphone sales worldwide and the news confirms what every other survey has been indicating for the last eighteen months. Windows 10 Mobile is a dead man walking.

Android and iOS have created a (mismatched) duopoly. Windows phone sales are down massively everywhere, a trend that is now six quarters old.

Everywhere? Well, not quite.

In Japan, Windows Mobile posted its best ever month, obtaining its highest ever proportion of Japan's smartphone market. Year on year Windows phone sales trebled. Sequentially the growth was 750%, quarter to quarter.

So I think it's safe to say that something out of the ordinary his happening in Japan. A strange  and secretive organisation is moving to Windows phone, or somebody has bought remaining stock to place as gifts in noodle packages.

Either that or the Vaio name has sufficient pull to bring customers rushing with their credit cards to pick up one of the company's devices.