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Sony Xperia XZ Premium Release Date Set For... June 1? That's Too Late

Sony Xperia XZ Premium picked up a lot of awards and even more mind share after its MWC launch a couple of weeks ago. Today Sony started taking pre-orders for its newest flagship on Amazon UK - but the expected shipping date is June 1st.

That's far too long a wait. By the time Sony actually starts getting devices into customers hands most will have completely forgotten about it.

This isn't a new problem for Sony, who's cycle of announce... delay... release... announce successor caused more problems for its Xperia Z line of flagships than any competitor did.

I know in this case there are mitigating circumstances - availability of the Snapdragon 835 CPU which powers the XZP, as a result of Samsung hoarding them all to themselves. That was hardly an unknown vector though and Sony should really have had the nous to hold back on the announcement until is was at least in the ball park of a shipping date.

The ideal time to announce the XZP would have been some time in early May, or late April at earliest. The excitement the announcement generated would still have been palpable at a time when customers were able to get their hands on the new phone.

As it is, aside from Sony fans, the magic will have rubbed off by the time the XZP reaches retailers. It's a fickle world, but for smartphone OEMs it's about marketing and selling a smartphone, not just building a great device.

And Sony only seems to have one leg on that particular stool.