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Sony Recieves NFC Power Sharing Patent, Just Made For Companion Devices

Wireless charging is great. All it needs is ubiquity to free us from the tyranny of power banks and travel chargers. Until that day comes we need an alternative that reduces range anxiety and supports clever usage.

Sony seems to have just the thing: a new patent which describes a way of sharing power between two devices wirelessly, using just NFC.

Most sites are talking about how you could potentially leech power from a friend's phone when your battery dies.

I suspect this is not the intention of Sony's engineers at all.

Instead consider how it changes the utility of companion devices such as smartwatches and wireless headphones. You use them exclusively with your smartphone, so it's a perfect place for them to grab a quick charge. Rest your wrist on your smartphone for five minutes to boost its battery for a couple of hours.

It's a far more interesting solution than just making your phone into another portable power bank. It does rely on your phone having enough charge to make it through the day and having the extra juice to charge your peripherals. But in that respect Sony have got this all tied up. Xperias have always delivered plenty of battery life.

Of course the key here is that Sony sells components rather than smartphones, so the purpose of this technology is not directed at selling Xperias, it's all about selling components to other OEMs.