Samsung To Offer Refurbished Note 7

Samsung will look to reduce the environmental impact of its Note 7 recall by selling refurbished units sporting a physically smaller battery pack designed to have a less aggressive charge capacity.

The refurbished units will sell in restricted markets and probably sport a new name to distinguish itself from the original unit, which is still subject to flight bans globally.

Is this a good idea? Well from a disposal process it makes sense. Financially it will probably be a break even move from Samsung. That is, they'll neither increase nor decrease the losses of the first two recalls.

It is a high risk strategy though. Battery fires on the Note 7 for the third time would damage its reputation beyond repair.

Having previously declared the Note 7 the most capable smartphone ever built would I buy one at a cut-down price? Very probably. Although I'd just as likely wait for the Note 8 and remove all of the risk.

How the various restrictions on usage are handled is going to be interesting to watch. I'm pretty sure whipping one out on a plane is going to get you some concerned looks from your fellow passengers.


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