Samsung Plan To Sell Refurbished Note 7 Is An All Round Win

It appears we haven't heard the last of the Galaxy Note 7. If rumours are true the Korean company is considering a plan to refurbish the returned devices, fit a smaller battery and sell them in emerging markets.

It's a plan where everybody wins.

Samsung gets to claw back some of the money it lost in the ship / recall / cancel debacle, customers in those emerging markets get a chance to buy a top end smartphone at a cut down price and the potentially damaging environmental impact of dumping millions of phones is avoided.

Two things to note here. If Samsung screws up the battery again it will be the end of its mobile phone business and, secondly, it needs to make damn sure the 'fixed' Note 7's are clearly distinguishable from the initial release, otherwise users are going find themselves facing a blanket ban on airlines and in other areas where safety is a concern.