Samsung Galaxy S8 – It’s All About The Screen, Maybe


Samsung's first high-profile, big money launch since the Note 7 happened today and it's odds on that every review you read over the next few days will make some reference to the battery.

Samsung has gone to great lengths to ensure that the battery won't combust, or at least is no more likely to do so than other smartphones. However it has also gone to some length to make sure the launch conversation is about anything but the battery.

The screen, for example, which cloaks 83% of the device's face. It's slightly weird 18.5:9 ratio is designed to support multitasking. It’s a standout feature which should achieve Samsung’s desire to lead the discussion back to what it does best.

And what it undoubtedly does best is screens.

Aside from the aspect ratio, the HDR playback for video and the usual SAMOLED wonderfulness, there's also the bezels to consider. You'll need to find  them first of course. The curved edge of the screen is present, as on Galaxy Edge devices of the past. However the removal of the home button and some trimming of excess sensors has allowed Samsung to do away with most of the top and bottom sensors too.

The 5.8” and 6.2” screens sound massive (because they are) however each S8 is smaller than its equivalent S7 ancestor as a result of the removal of bezels. I wonder just how small an S8 with the same 5.2” screen of the S7 could have been. In fact a S8 Mini would be an all round interesting phone.

There are plenty of other S8 features to discuss, but the most important thing for Samsung is whether the S8’s display  is good enough to erase the memory of the Note 7. For Samsung fans and Android users I think that will be the case. Its unlikely to win customers from Apple based on the display alone.


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