Samsung DeX: Continuum Revisited

It's hard to argue that Microsoft got the Continuum concept spot on when it launched the Lumia 950 with Windows 10 Mobile. It really is a phone that could be your PC - for very small values of PC anyway.

As expected, Samsung has replicated the feature for the new Galaxy S8 with a desktop dock called DeX. The video above shows it in action and its very Continuum-like in its operation. There is one big advantage to Samsung's implementation though. Instead of forcing, unsupported phone-only apps to run on the phone itself, Samsung has allowed them to run as windows on the main display. Which suggests most, if not all Android apps will support this feature.

Microsoft missed this trick first time out, lets hope that the changes to Continuum promised for the Creators update brings this particular feature. Even if the imminent death of Windows Mobile means hardly anyone will ever use it.


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