Rechargeable Batteries Catch Fire And Explode - Still Comfortable With Your AirPods?

What's the one thing we've all become a lot more aware of in the last twelve months? For my money it has to be the volatility of Li-ion batteries. Whilst the Galaxy Note 7 was something of a full on disaster for Samsung it alsocalled out the industry wide problem with battery combustion.

A web search for exploding phones will return just about every OEM's handsets smoking away.

Now it most cases the problems relate to impact damage to the battery inside the combusting device. However Li-ion batteries and impact damage aren't restricted to just smartphones.

Most challengingly: wireless headphones - and especially those wireless headphones that cram most of their bulk into your ear. Apple's AirPods are the most obvious of these, but there are plenty of other versions, most of which don't have the backing of Apple's design and testing teams.

The consequences of a pair of these going up in flames are... well deafening. Not too mention disfiguring, especially as they are likely to impossible to remove once they start burning.

And whilst the AirPods are about the least likely devices to spontaneously combust, there is the impact (no pun intended) of them falling out of your ears. Just how many drops would it take to destroy the integrity of those little Li-ion firestarters?


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