Ouch! HP Slams Lumia 950 With Tiny Trade-in Valuation

HP's Elite x3 is an enterprise focused smartphone, however HP clearly wants to attract some consumer interest as well and as a result is offering up to £500 trade-in against a new x3.

Consumer interest because this isn't the sort of thing which generally works for enterprise customers.

There are some real gotchas in this trade-in offer though. Like the top level £500 value being available against an iPhone 7 or Galaxy S7. I'm struggling to see why anyone with one of these devices would even begin to consider such an offer, even given the x3's prowess as a Windows 10 Mobile.

Clearly this is a ruse to allow HP to offer the £500 headlibe trade-in value.

More realistically, how does it work for Windows Mobile fans and their Lumia 950/XL phones? This seems like the perfect target group for a trade-in offering, given the customer loyalty angle.

If you're a British Lumia 950 owner its probably best to look away now. HP values your eighteen month old device at just  £125!

When you've picked yourself up off the floor you'll probably be glad to know that any other smartphone - including entry level devices like the Lumia 435 or any other smartphone of any vintage that still works - will get you £100.

That Lumia 950 or 950XL is effectively worth just £25.  I sure hope you didn't pay full retail for it.

Fortunately, other than some minor performance improvements, there's little reason to trade in the your Lumia for an x3. In fact if you use the camera there's every reason not to do so.

Still, probably not the cleverest message to be sending to the (few) remaining consumers who might consider a Windows Mobile.


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