Microsoft Surface Matches Apple iPad Sales - In New Zealand Anyway

New Zealand is often considered a good reference point for how products will perform across wider markets. As a result many companies trial new offerings in NZ before rolling them out worldwide.

Before Christmas Microsoft did this with the Surface Pro 4, introducing a new, entry-level price point that took the tablet into direct competition with the iPad Pro.

The end result was that across the year Microsoft's Surface sales grew 3% and matched those of the iPad Pro. Given Apple's relatively massive investment in promoting the iPad, plus the price advantage the iPad Pro retains against every other Surface Pro offering, you'd have to say this was a positive outcome for Microsoft.

Not too terrible an outcome for Apple either, capturing one third of the market with a new product.

How much of this NZ performance will be reflected in global markets is questionable. For all its use as a bellwether for product performance, the NZ detachable market is only around 100,000 devices annually.


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