Microsoft Replanning Its Surface Book Design, New Focus For Reliability?

Digitimes is reporting that Microsoft's Surface Book 2 has entered production and will be targeting a simpler design and a cheaper price point when it reaches market.

The Surface Book is a unique product whose various engineering and manufacturing innovations support its premium pricing. As a halo device for the whole of the PC kingdom it performs an admirable job.

There are other Windows machines which you can pull out in a meeting room full of MacBooks and get envious glances, but only the Surface Book renders even the priciest of MacBook Pros ordinary.

So why would Microsoft change the design?

I don't think it's related to sales - I'm sure the Surface Book performance isn't being based on sales numbers. However the design of the hinge does suggest to me a weak point in the reliability and longevity of the machine. That implies a support cost which Microsoft might not wish to bear in a newer version of the Surface Book.

So a simpler hinge is likely to be in the offing. As both HP and Porsche Design have demonstrated equally interesting hinge designs which are also simpler and promise to be more reliable that shouldn;'t be a major issue.

In fact if Microsoft retains the core values of the Surface Book, a less complex hinge may actually boost sales, especially if the price is trimmed as a result.

The premium materials, design and performance elements are what make the Surface Book standout. Plus of course its ability to transform into a tablet at the touch of a button.

We know Microsoft is on a roll with its hardware, and I'm expecting the second iteration of the Surface Book to hit it out of the park in the same way the Surface Studio did.


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