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Is Nokia Still A Premium Brand?

How much damage has the last ten years done to the Nokia brand? Does it still have the polish to stand up with the best of the smartphone industry or has it been tarnished by the failures of Symbian, Windows Phone and Microsoft to the point where it can only hope to sell nostalgic or high value handsets?

The question arises as a result of new rumours of high end Nokia Android devices arriving later this year. Packing big, high-resolution screens, Snapdragon 835 processors and allegedly 6GB of RAM these promise to be monster phones.

Will they be monster sellers though?

For all the specs look great, Apple and Samsung have demonstrated that selling premium smartphones is about more than just cobbling together the newest and shiniest components and slapping an up-to-date version of Android onto it. There's a perceived value that both have attached to their highest end phones by creating something a little bit special. A little more than the sum of the parts.

Does HMD Global have the nous to do this with their proposed high end devices? Or will we see more generic devices that fail to stand out in the same way that the Nokia 6 struggles for identity in the middle ground?

With Apple expected to go big on AR this year; and Samsung promising to push displays  to a new high with the S8, Nokia may be entering the premium smartphone market at just about the worst time possible.