HP To Refresh Windows 10 Mobile - Selling Better Than We Thought?

As well as showing select journalists a new version of its Elite x3 Windows phone, HP is now rumoured to be working on a new and enlarged version of its Lapdock accessory, the Continuum powered laptop replacement.

This suggests two things. Either the Elite x3 is selling better than anyone expected, although in the framework of Windows phone sales last quarter that would be an entirely relative thing.

Or Microsoft's Creators update for Windows 10 Mobile is going to be a massive game changer and HP intends to be in a position to benefit when it arrives.

If that turns out to be the case then there'll be a bit of a wait for all concerned. Microsoft has already confirmed that the Mobile version of Windows 10 Creators update will be released some time after the desktop version.

Personally I'm finding hard to believe there are enough people left who care about Windows on a phone to make this all worthwhile. Still I guess nobody knows how well the x3 is selling like HP does, so it its worthy of a successor it must be doing something right.


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