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Hey Apple, That First Touchscreen Mac Design Is In Your Back Catalogue

This is the Apple iMac G4, a design known throughout the Mac world as the iLamp. It's a thing of beauty, far more so then the later iMacs that followed it. I bring this up because Apple needs to come up with a touchscreen Mac and this design is already most of the way there.

Microsoft's Surface Studio re-invigorated the desktop PC market, but in many ways it takes cues from the iLamp.

Now imagine what Apple could do with a 2017 version of this desktop, rocking 2017 specs and a 2017 screen. Tweak the arm slightly to support touch and stylus positions and you fix the perception that Apple has given up the desktop to Microsoft.

Think that Mac OS isn't built to support touch? You'd be wrong. Apple has supported graphics tablets for graphic designers and artists since the early OS X days. You've even got an impressive handwriting engine in Inkwell. Not to mention all of the apps written specifically to take advantage of graphics tablets as their primary source of input.

There's no reason for Apple not to build a Surface Studio competitor. And the template for just such a thing is sat in their own back catalogue.