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Do You Really Think This Is The First Time Tim Cook Used A Surface Pro?

Pictures doing the rounds from the China Developer Forum in Beijing show a Surface Pro 4 apparently setup for Tim Cook to use at his seat. The Net is more than a little excited about the idea of Apple's CEO using Microsoft's hybrid.

However I'm absolutely positive this is far from the first time Cook has used a Surface Pro and it probably won't be the last.

Having initially been dismissive of Microsoft's hybrid concept Apple has been scrambling to catch up. That is strongly suggestive of Cook and his team trying early Surface devices and finding them to be weak products, missing the effect they would have on the tablet market and then changing their minds having tried later, more capable versions.

Any CEOs not paying careful attention to the work of their rivals is going to find themselves in a heap of trouble.  I don't think Cook is that sort of CEO.

More worrying for Apple is that a high profile event like this, in a key market like China, should  close to stack its delegates desks with Microsoft Surface Pros and not iPad.  A clearer indication of the problems with the current iPad line up you won't find.