Confused Of Cupertino, What Does Apple Have Planned For New iPad Range

Over the last couple of months we've been hearing more and more rumours about a three device iPad launch for the end of March. The crux of which is that the two iPad Pro models will get a refresh and a new, edge to edge screen iPad, sporting a 10.5" display in the same size chassis as the smaller iPad Pro, will join the line-up.

I've already written about my disappointment in the apparent abandonment of the iPad Mini. Now the credibility of these rumours needs to be called into question.

The iPad Pro was the focus of a big push into the booming hybrid market. It hasn't been an unqualified success. Possibly because the iPad Pro has a much more focused market than an equivalent Windows 10 hybrid.

Customers weighing up the possibility of having one device to cover all of their computing and tablet needs are increasingly finding that the right answer is a Windows detachable - of which there are a variety of choices and prices which cover many more use cases than the limited selection the iPad Pro can address.

Is Apple's response to this challenge likely to be a light upgrade of the Pro and a new screen size? It seems unlikely. Apple has been pushing the iPad as a computer message everywhere and frequently, in an expensive ad campaign.

Maybe it's clearing the decks to make way for an entirely new iPad range which does away with the old designs and limitations. 

In that case selling the older model at its usual $100 reduction - a regular tactic for year old machines - is going to be a big ask. Especially if falling sales have left Apple with a large inventory. This would validate the ad campaign and put those rumours of new designs into a new light.

In fact it's the only way I can see a new three model range makes any kind of sense.

When we get new iPads I believe Apple will have rather more to offer than a warmed over range. Too many sales are being lost to the competition to believe anything else.


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