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Bear's Arrival Makes Evernote's Position Look Precarious

Evernote has been a player in the note taking market for almost a decade. Despite being a ground breaker for advanced note taking services, cross device synchronisation and a host of other clever features, Evernote looks to be on the back foot.

OneNote's freely available client on all platforms took a bite out of Evernote's mind share. OneNote is more capable and has benefited hugely from Microsoft's focus on touch and pen in Windows 8 and Windows 10. 

I spend an interminable amount of time in meetings and I haven't seen anyone using anything but OneNote for so long you'd think everyone else has given up on competing. Even Mac users exclusively use OneNote.

Having lost out to the heavy hitters who value OneNote's advanced features you'd expect Evernote to target the less serious notetakers, who need less of the features and more of the speed and convenience.

Unfortunately Apple has made its Notes app on iOS and Mac OS so good it's hard to see Evernote making any kind of dent into that particularl niche. Google is doing the same with Keep on Android and Chrome.

So Evernote has been left with the middle ground. Those users who have used the product for years and haven't the stomach for migration; and those users who need more than Notes / Keep but less than OneNote.

That niche might be closing though, if the growing chatter around a product called Bear is to be believed. Bear is a purely Apple focused product and, like the majority of products for that ecosystem, looks clean, with a well planned UI. It looks like a great product to use.

Not only that, but feedback from high profile Mac bloggers and current Evernote users is that Bear is good enough to persuade them to go through the pain of migrating their notes.

Evernote looks to be in abad place, and it needs to rediscover its mojo if it's to overcome the challenges facing it and retain a viable business.