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Apple Slips To Third Place In US Education Market

Futuresource Consulting's state of education computing report for 2016 shows Apple losing significant ground in the US, falling to third place overall after Windows device sales outpaced the combined total for iOS and Mac OS. 

In two years Apple's share of the education market has all but halved, with iOS suffering the biggest drop off. Microsoft's promotion to second place came as a result of maintaining market share as Apple reversed into third place.

Chromebooks rule in US schools. Being cheap and easy to maintain is a definite win for those who have to deploy and support devices.

Meanwhile, in the rest of the world, Microsoft still owns the education market, with fully two-thirds of education sales going to Windows machines. Android devices hold second place, however market share is collapsing - Android has half the market share it boasted in 2014.

Chromebook sales are growing, but still lag behind Android, iOS and of course Windows. The rate of growth suggests that, unchecked, a Chromebook could be as big a success in the Global education market as it is in the US.

Acer's Windows Cloudbooks, Microsoft's incoming Cloud version of Windows 10 and a wider choice of flexible hybrid devices seem to hit the mark outside the US, though the real question is: has Microsoft delivered a light enough Windows experience to halt the growth of Chromebooks in the global education market?