Sony Goes All In On Niche, Premium With Xperia Touch

There is nothing like Sony's Xperia Touch, which has taken a little while to make it from prototype to product, but which finally had its day in the sun as Sony submerged MWC 2017 in high end, low volume products.

The Touch is half tablet on steroids, half Minority Report. It is a product whose only real competition is the Microsoft Pixelsense table PC. In that respect the price - £1269 - looks reasonable, by every other measure it is quite insane. Yet in terms of what it can achieve the Xperia Touch is worth every penny, for the few who can both afford it and appreciate its capabilities.

The Touch embeds one of Sony's amazing short throw projectors into a device running Android and packing enough sensors and cameras to track your hands across the flat surface where the image is being projected.

It really is a product that needs to fit your environment. Unlike the family in the video I find clear flat spaces at a premium in my household. Any that miraculously appear are soon covered in drawing materials, Lego buildings or books. Finding a place to use the Xperia Touch would be an exercise in frustration.

Doesn't stop me lusting after the promise of the thing though. Here's a product that is both innovative and a good match between ambitions and capabilities. And remember that for the price you get an 80" screen for streaming your media (albeit at a lowly 720p).

Viewed logically the Xperia Touch will struggle to sell. However, my hope is that there will be enough technology addicts with the vision (and the cash) to buy the Xperia Touch in sufficient numbers for Sony to come to MWC 2018 with a version product, with a better battery life and improved resolution.


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