Samsung Galaxy S8: How Are You Planning On Holding That Thing Without Bezels?

Screen bezels. To some people their absence is the most important human achievement since Neil Armstrong walked on the moon. Samsung's latest trail for the Galaxy S8 seems to suggest that the curve of the new 'Edge' screen will form the totality of the sides of the device, no doubt making these people very happy indeed.

Great. So where am I supposed to hold this thing?

Other phones have been notable for slimming bezels down to almost nothing. On a phone that's manageable - the footprint of your finger's contact area doesn't need to be great to manage a reasonably light phone. Do away with the bezel entirely though and your fingers are gripping the screen.

What's the impact of semi-permanently pressing on the sides of an AMOLED screen just at the point where it has been curved and is presumably already weakened compared to a flat screen? Doesn't sound like it would end at all well.

Then there's the protection of the screen sides themselves. Drop a Samsung Edge phone and the chances are your going to sad almost irrespective of how it lands. At the least the tiny bezels provide some protection. Once they're gone you've got a fifty-fifty chance of any dropped phone suffering a direct screen to scenery impact.

That's not going to end well either.

No, if its all the same to you I'll keep the bezels on my phone. I'm happy with things as they are. I'm sure that the S8 will be yet another Samsung super screen, providing eye-popping visuals. It's the risk of screen popping physics that puts me off.


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