Robo-Bees Are Not The Answer

Bee population are being decimated, undoubtedly through human action, and things have reached a point where whole species of bee are likely to be added to the endangered list. How could this be happening? The most likely cause of mass bee deaths are a class of pesticides called neonicitinoids. The correlation is strong enough that the EU banned their use three years ago.

The ban isn't popular with farmers (nor the pesticide manufacturers I should imagine) and hasn't even been maintained across Europe - in the UK the government lifted it in 2015.

So the announcement that a team in Japan have successfully developed a drone which can pollinate flowers is of great concern. If the drone gives big business the leverage it needs to negate the ban then we can wave goodbye to whole species of bee and, in time, bees altogether.

Technology is great. But not all of the time. This is a clear case of technology being a force for evil.


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