Porsche Design Teams Up With Microsoft To Do Its Own Book

This rather handsome looking beast is the Porsche Design Book - a hybrid Ultrabook that packs a lot of Microsoft Surface Book DNA.

That's not surprising as Microsoft (and Intel) worked with Porsche to create a machine that sits very close to Microsoft's own premium device in terms of specs and pricing.

Highlight of the device is the geared hinge mechanism, that looks like a fine piece of engineering pulled off a performance car. Which I guess is the very reason its on there, looking all technical and (probably) unnecessarily exposed to the world.

This is about being more than a laptop. This is about giving Microsoft Windows 10 another arrow in its quiver to bring down the MacBook Pro. In terms of brand strength Porsche is up there with the best of them and I imagine that 911 owners are likely to be sending their existing laptops to the scrapheap as they race to get one of these parked on the boardroom table.

So the specs of the Porsche Book matter only in that they are mostly top notch - missing out only to the Surface Book's powerful GPUs which live in the various performance base versions that Microsoft offer.

This isn't going to be a volume device, even if its picked up by the enthusiasts who recognise the quality of Porsche Design's work (and cachet) even if they can't run to the cars themselves.

However by pricing these machines at the high end of the market Porsche Design and Microsoft have made a bold statement: this Book is a match for anything else and discerning customers will pay the premium that it commands.

Hitherto that's a position that only Apple has been able to validly claim.


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