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New Spark Formula E Cars Put The Dramatic Back In Racing, No More Car Swaps Required

This is the new Spark SRT05e, the car that will underpin Formula E from 2018 onwards. No question that those running the show understand that the cars need to be as dramatic as the racing. This thing looks like it time-traveled back from the 22nd Century.

Spark won the tender to build the second version of the Formula E chassis and the new car will run from Season Five on.

As well as looking great the cars will be able to go further on a single charge, promising an end to in-race car changes. 

That's generally a great idea, however let's not forget that Season Two's dramatic climax was very much enabled by the availability of a second car for the two Championship protagonists, who were involved in a first corner accident at the season finale in London. After dragging their damaged mounts back to the pits and switching to their second cars, the championship came down to a lap by lap race off for fastest lap and the bonus points that would be enough to seal the title.

Still the prospect of more simplified racing outweighs the odd freak Championship decider and I'm glad that the car change will disappear from Formula E.

The racing in Formula E has been crazy, tight and thrilling, in spite of (or perhaps because of) the tight and twisty nature of the circuits. The series needs to spread its wings and run more races in more countries. 

It has the cars and some of the most exciting drivers in top class sport and its even drawing big manufacturers away from more traditionally powered sports. Expect to see Formula E continue to grow until it becomes the premier single seater series in the world.