LG G6 Goes Big On Multitasking In Tepid Offering

LG's MWC 2017 unveiling of its new G6 was mostly a so-so affair. After the flop that was the G5 the company had to get back to normality and the G6 is mostly the normal phone it needed.

The company has ticked most of the standard requirements boxes with its new flagship: waterproofing, expandable memory, wireless charging (but not on all devices or territories), QuadHD display and dual rear cameras.

However it misses out on the newest Qualcomm CPU, running the year-old 82x class processor instead of the new 835 (allegedly Samsung has tied all of these up).

In compensation LG is offering a unique screen setup. The AMOLED display is in 18:9 - or more accurately, 2:1 - format, meaning it's a pure rectangle. As a result users will be able to run two applications side by side in full width (albeit square) windows.

It's probably a better selling point than last years 'Friends' modules - but it's still a very weak hook to hang your hat on. Its a feature that just doesn't seem to be something many people will care about, never mind base a buying decision on.

I can't help but wonder if part of LG's problem is that it doesn't have the brand awareness or loyalty to really compete in the smartphone market. Rather than continually trying out half-baked ideas from left field, maybe the answer is to acquire a strong brand and with a loyal following and just build the best phone it can?


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