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Kiwis Get Limited Edition 384GB Black Pearl Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Actually that's a bit of a half-truth, but it it the way Samsung is advertising the new Black Pearl edition of S7 Edge on giant billboards across Auckland.

The special edition of the S7 Edge comes with 128GB of internal storage and a bundled 256GB micro SD card - hence the 384GB claim. As that's as big as you can go on micro SD card at the moment its not too much of  a fib.

The S7 Edge comes in at a whopping $1599 - although Spark will give you a handy $160 credit against that, making the S7 Edge extremely good value when compared to its nearest competitor, the iPhone 7+, which costs the same but gives you a mere 32GB of storage.

With the S8 rumoured to be just weeks away it may benefit you to wait before slamming down your credit card. However if storage is the most important feature when selecting a new smartphone this offer is going to be hard to beat.