Kiwis Get First Run At 10GBps Home Fibre

As Chorus continues its roll out of Gigabit fibre to homes around New Zealand (my own connection upgrade is just a matter of days away) Northland based broadband wholesaler Northpower has completed the world's first live demonstration of 10GBps networking to retail and residential premises.

The technology, which uses multiwavelength signals to connect different customers on the same fibre, is technically compatible with the GPON standard used for Gigabit fibre currently rolling out as part of New Zealand's UFB programme. So a relatively straightforward upgrade path is on the cards when the NZ government decides to implement the next round of connectivity upgrades.

So much of Kiwi's business, large and small, is dependent on high quality, high speed networking that keeping the country near the top of the connection speed pack is vital. With new trunk connections to Australia due online soon New Zealand's geographic separation will continue to pose no barrier to Kiwi business.

There aren't many other countries that have taken as intelligent a long term position.


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