It's Time For Twitter To Charge Subscriptions

I've often said in the past that Twitter's problems with revenue generation can't be solved like other social networks because Twitter is a completely different proposition to services like Facebook and Instagram.

Attempts to become a broadcaster or content generation engine are doomed to failure. Monetising in this manner isn't going to pay the bills.

Previously I've suggested Twitter needs to develop a subscription model for businesses on the service. The value of Twitter as a marketing, support and customer engagement tool pretty much guarantee these subscriptions will be taken up.

To further drive income and also to address its numerous problems around bigotry, misogyny and other forms of bullying, I believe the time is right for Twitter to charge a subscription for every user. 

In fact if you consider Twitter as the unofficial portal to news services - and I know many do - then it is a strong position to become the aggregator of news sources and effectively find the holy grail as the Spotify of news publishing.

Yes the number of users would drop but the payback is huge. A subscription charge of $20p.a. for the Twitter as it stands would raise income of around $1.5bn if it retained just 25% of currently active users.

That's before we start talking about working with the news media to create a news bundle which benefits both parties.

Twitter is one of those services which defines the best and worst of the web and I'd happily pay to keep it going, especially if it means some of its problems are laid to rest.


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