How I Roll: Intermediate Travel Version

This is part two of three on my travel bags, you can find part one here.

This is my go to carry bag, the one that used most often. It's light enough to carry day to day (except those days when I'm looking to travel with the bare minimum) and powerful enough to get things done. I'll take this bag whether I'm on the ferry, in the car or flying. It fits all three scenarios, remaining light enough to wear across the shoulder and compact enough to qualify as a laptop bag on a flight (thus allowing me to include a carry-on for longer trips away).

The bag itself is a leather briefcase style by Rocha.John Rocha, bought about six years ago from Debenhams it is only now starting to gain the patina of use. This one robust bag. I'm confident of carrying it in any weather and it can hold all of the things that I might need when travelling.

Inside the case has two compartments. The slimmer rear compartment holds my Spectre x360 and a tablet (usually my Galaxy Tab S2 ) and my cable case, usually containing USB cables for my XZ, iPhone and Lumix TZ70 camera.

The forward compartment accommodates my umbrella (Star Wars themed, a gift from my son) my Lumix TZ70 (not pictured) my Sony noise cancelling headphones and has space to spare for anything that I might throw in on impulse.

On the inside front pocket I'll pack my iPhone and charger for the Spectre. This leaves me two large zip pockets, one at the back of the case and one at the front under the flap, where I can throw any slim items that I might need on occasion.

The Sony noise cancelling headphones are wired because I'm most likely to be using them in flight. For those times when I want to use them wirelessly I also carry a Sony SBH20 which converts them into a quasi-wireless solution.

There are no USB chargers in this pack because the Spectre x360 has three full charging ports, which work when its asleep, so I can treat it as a big battery pack if I need to.


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