GPD Pocket Makes The Same Mistakes Of The Past

Small PCs of the past all followed a very similar lifecycle: breathless receptions from the specialist press, enthusiastic receptions from... well, enthusiasts who purchase launch units in sufficient numbers to briefly give the manufacturer hope and usually (but not always) deliver a follow up. And then things go rapidly south.

OQO, Libretto, Flipstart, Omnibook, VAIO, companies large and small have all fallen into the same trap.

Now GPD is following the same road with its Pocket computer. This 7" screened device roughly follows the path that Toshiba took with the Libretto. And if Toshiba couldn't make a viable business out of the Libretto in a time before smartphones and tablets, exactly how much of a chance does GPD have?

Perhaps the biggest warning flag is that the company is looking to fund development of this new machine on a popular crowd-funding website. Always a good sign that you'll get what you ordered. Or not.

Still GPD made a reasonable job of its Win gaming console, so this may actually get to market. Whether that market extends beyond the 1,500 or so backers who have bought into the idea remains to be seen.

History, however, would suggest it doesn't.


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