Google Is Going To Fix Voice Search Fragmentation

When Google launched the Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones it created a yawning chasm across Android search - its own phones sporting the new, friendly and improved Google Assistant, everyone else tied to the old Google Search and OK Google.

Given that Search is Google's bread and butter and, incidentally, the whole reason why Android exists, this doesn't seem like an ideal state of affairs.

Seems that Google has realised this and in the coming weeks will be releasing a new version of Google Search with Assistant providing the smarts. OEMs will also get access to the Assistant too, so OEMs like Sony, who have integrated Google's Search into their Android skins, can update the experience across current and future devices.

Fragmentation still remains a problems, as this update will support Marshmallow and Nougat phones only - or about 30% of Android devices in use today.

Still its better than the 0.01% who previously had access to it.